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MOS is an innovative Operation & Communications Consultancy firm. Our name has a very clear meaning—we are all made of stardust, we are one with the universe and each other. We all have within us an essence of the "big bang"…converting the ordinary into extra-ordinary. The stars gave themselves for us so that we could be here today. MOS can help you shine as you should.


MOS provides a complete communications strategy based on the following skills: media relations,  public relations, business relations, strategic operations, a contemporary artists agency, timeline communications, image design & creation, branding operations, organization & production of launch events, film releases, exhibitions and finally communication strategies for talent, curiosity, imagination and creativity..

We are all made of stardust, and thanks to an elegant and extra-ordinary transformation we are now capable of looking into the darkness of the night to seek the light of the stars that shine in the distance. They seem remote and far, but we are very close to them regardless of the amount light years that separate us. This is our philosophy.

In MOS we establish business alliances as a vital tool. We bring companies together and facilitate agreements. We favor interactivity amongst various disciplines and sectors of press, art, society, and business culture to collaborate a base with high-level associations and companies, artists, cultural institutions, contemporary art actors, designers, photographers, bloggers, and opinion leaders. We are always aiming to offer our clients the best service in the world of Operations & Communications.

MOS People make unique projects possible. The team is composed of professionals from the business operations, communications, art and design worlds. In Made of Stars Art & Communication, we believe that deep down we are all MOS people. You can become part of MOS too, and soon you will discover our world at

​Welcome  MOS!


  Art & Communication (MOS)

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